Welcome to my blog, LeAnn’s Loves!  A new year brings new beginnings, so I’m doing something that I’ve been thinking about for awhile now…creating a blog! Over the past year, I’ve started reading & following blogs more than ever before, and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of my inspiration & creativity come from the sharing of ideas from others. Reading other blogs has actually given me a more open & positive perspective on many different things in life…& I LOVE that!  For me, it’s proven itself to be a way of learning & trying new things that I might not have thought about before.  So, here I am world, starting my blog in hopes of sharing back!
What will this blog consist of, you asked? 🙂  Anything & everything!  My goal is to archive my thoughts, my ideas…basically anything that I LOVE! I want to document pieces of my life that inspire me or that I think might inspire someone else.  This won’t be a blog of endless rambling about certain topics that I like though. That’s definitely not my style & you definitely will not find that on this blog.  Nope…not here!  🙂  You can mostly expect to see photographs with short explanations of things that I love or things I have created.  Some of the things that make me a very happy girl (other than my precious family & friends, of course) are decorating my home, organizing, art projects, home projects, photography, fashion, travel, food & inspirational quotes.  So, there you have it…those are some of the topics you will find here!
As we start another exciting year of life, I hope I can inspire or bring positive energy to myself & others by embarking on one of my personal goals of 2013, creating my blog, LeAnn’s Loves.  Who knows what the future holds?  If I don’t take the opportunity to do it today, I might not get the chance to do it tomorrow, right?
Below is one of my favorite quotes, but I often forget about it.  So, for 2013 I have made it my screen saver so I will remember to apply it to my life more often.
Here’s to a healthy, happy & prosperous 2013!  Happy New Year!!!
Hope you will want to follow along…
XOXO – LeAnn