Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken on a project to help one of my nearest & dearest friends, Jeanne Johansson, get organized.  Jeanne is a passionate person who puts a lot into whatever she is doing.  She’s an amazing mother & wife, as well as, a the owner of a very stylish clothing boutique in town called Scarlet.  I’m sure a few of you have heard of it.  🙂  Scarlet is thriving more than ever & with her being the “girl in-charge” she spends much of her time making it all the things that everyone LOVES!  She’s also very involved in the community with various non-profit organizations, which even adds to her busy lifestyle.  To say the least, Jeanne is A BUSY GIRL!!!

After Jeanne organizes clothes all day, the last thing she wants to do when she gets home is organize her own closet.  So, I decided to put my organization skills to work & make her closet into an organized & stylish oasis that she will want to wake-up to every morning.

Here’s what I started with…

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Jeanne not only likes to get dressed in her closet, but she like to put her make-up & jewelry on in there too.  Before I started, she just had make-up & jewelry lying around on the floor in make-up bags.  As you can imagine, it was not easy for her to find anything she needed.  So, my first goal was to figure out a way to make her “closet” transform into a beautiful “dressing room” instead.  My second goal was to get rid of the huge chest of drawers that had been crammed in there & was serving absolutely no purpose but to take up valuable space.

After a little thought & preparation, here is what I created…


I found this white inexpensive chest at Ikea to serve as her new jewelry & make-up chest.  So perfect!  I’m kind of obsessed with it!


For the top of the chest, I found things around Jeanne’s house that were functional & meaningful.  For example, the charcoal glass container…that was the first present her in-laws from Sweden ever gave her AND she now uses it to put small pieces of jewelry in that she wears often.  How perfect!


And the OMG tray!  OMG…how cute is that!


And the black & white theme…well…that’s all me because black & white are my favorites. It’s the perks of being the organizer, right?  haha 😉


And remember the large chest of drawers that I so quickly removed???  I put up inexpensive shelves from Home-Depot to make the perfect place to display all of her fabulous shoes!



If you remember from the before pictures, her shoes were crammed into the small shelves on the other wall of the closet and around the top shelf of the closet.  That is now the home where she displays all of here beautiful bags that were previously hiding in other closets.


So, now every wall, rack, shelf & container is a “home” for something.  There’s no guessing or just blindly putting things where they don’t belong.  All of the clothes I removed from the chest of drawers, I put in clear drawer containers from The Container Store & labeled them as well.


And who doesn’t LOVE large, beautiful books about fashion?!?!  This just adds the extra element to make Jeanne’s new dressing room a true reflection of her!


This mission is complete.  Next stop…Jeanne’s laundry room.