As I’ve organized my way through Jeanne’s house, I’ve inevitably stumbled upon many little hidden piles of random things that didn’t have a home.  The more places I organized, the more piles of “things” that just kept popping up everywhere!  In general, I try my best not to live a life of all absolutes.  I truly believe that every situation is different for every individual, however, there is one absolute (or rule) that will always stand true for every client, regardless off the organizational task.  It’s not rocket science, but if this little rule is not implemented…true, functional organization will never take place.  Things may get organized, but they won’t stay that way for long.

Okay, so here it is.  LeAnn’s golden rule of organization…


This is a non-nogotiable!  And preferably the “home” should be labeled!  It sounds so elementary, in fact, the simplicity of this concept often causes people to underestimate the power of it.

Now, let’s get back to Jeanne & how I found homes for all of the random, little piles that were popping up around me like landmines.  As I started collecting & sorting through the randomness, I found that most of these piles consisted of things that I would consider “crafty”.  Paint, glue, labels, markers, stationary, and the he list goes on.  To Jeanne’s credit, she had a closet that she had started trying to keep things like this organized in, but in the midst of life & no labels, it eventually got out of hand & turned into one of those places that was packed so full of junk that she did’t even want to open the door & face it anymore.  So, after cleaning this closet out completely, I decided it would be the perfect place to house all of the crafty odds & end I had collected from throughout the house.

For the first time in history, I didn’t take a BEFORE picture!!!  I know…it’s completely unacceptable! 😉  By the time I realized this, I had emptied the entire closet!  So, instead of piling it all back in I just took a picture of the empty closet.  Good enough, I guess.

Here it is…

After going to Target & getting some cute containers, or should I say “homes”, here is the transformation that took place.






Craft closet complete…for the next & last stop of the Jeanne Project, we’ll be taking a look into Jeanne’s bathroom for a round of Medicine Cabinet Marvel.